“What a Country!”

shalom tours Israel

Bio –

My name is Shalom Pollack, veteran tour guide.
I have had the double blessing of coming home to Israel and becoming a licensed tour guide here.
There is no better job that I believe  was tailor made just for me. Truly, my profession is my passion. 
Besides guiding visitors from the world over, I lecture to international groups and write about Israel and its people, never losing sight of the fact  that it is all one big miracle.
Born in NY.
Yeshiva education
MA degree (International Relations) from Brooklyn College
Made Aliyah in 1977
Tour guide license 1980
Military service in the Israeli Navy reserve anti terrorist unit.
 Contributing journalist for various publications.
Activist in Israel politics.
Volunteer with the elderly
Ongoing Torah study.
My guiding:
Israel is not just another pretty, interesting country.
It is a miracle in the making
I love and guide in every part of our  magic land.
Besides the obvious history, archaeology and  landscapes, I always make the very palapal connection between the past, present and future in this small  but unique land. God’s presence should be felt here by all who visit. If it is not, then the guide has not done his job properly.
I  enjoy taking my visitors to the heart of the story – to places where most tour guides do not go. The Heart of the land is also the heart of the miracle. The people who live there and who we meet, are the heroes making it happen today.