Always go with a winner

  pollock toursTonight the  normally quiet Galilee village of Abu Sinen is trying to keep the lid on a vicious town brawl that has led  to dozens of serious injuries

Abu Sinen is a “mixed village”. Originally Druze, the majority are Muslims today.

The Druze are  a minority  sect found  in parts of the Mid East with  communities in Lebanon, Syria ,Jordan and Israel.
 The Druze  are an  ethnic and linguistic Arab  group  but cling to their own  secretive religion as their founder, Al  Daruzi, broke  away  from Islam in the Middle Ages.
The Muslim world has never forgiven the Druze  for this act of apostasy and treason and so the Druze  have carefully  kept  the details of their  religious  dogma a secret to the hostile out side world. They have also historically chosen the protective mountainous areas for their homes thus keeping the Muslim majority safely at arms length.

In 1948, as the beleaguered Jewish population of Israel fought off the combined Arab forces, the Druze at first chose to “go with the obvious winner”, the Muslims. However, after being bloodied in a key battle for the Galilee, the Druze reconsidered and withdrew  from the war remaining  neutral.

After Israel’s victory, the Druze leaders requested to make a pact with the new Jewish state and offered their sons to serve in the IDF which they do with distinction until today.

They are  often found in the Para military units responsible with  security vis a vis the Arab populations since they are familiar with the language and culture.
Often when an Arab riot got out of hand and IDF troops were not effective, the very sight of a Druze manned jeep was enough to disperse the threatening crowd. They understood each other.

The violence in Abu Sinan is actually a very helpful window into what is happening in Israel these days.

We have been witness to a surge in Arab attacks on Jews in all parts of the country. Tractors, cars, knives, gasoline bombs. what ever is   handy, maims and kills is a weapon in the service of their rage.

Why are they outraged? Take your pick. The latest  and well tried issue is the Temple  Mount which Israel  has abdicated  to the Muslim “sensitivity/rage  long  ago. Jews are not allowed to pray there( and are treated like criminal suspects by Israeli  police in the service of the Muslim Wakf ) if they dare to  enter during the three hours allotted daily.
 But this too, the Arabs have decided enrages them.
As an expression of this sensitivity, Arabs have murdered and maimed a number of Jews at train and bus stops this past two weeks.
In solidarity, Israeli Arabs have also launched violent demonstrations and joined the rage, attacking Jews, pulling them out of cars and torching them. They fly the flags of “Palestine” , Hamas  and ISIS.

Israel’s response?  Prime Minister Netanyahu keeps reassuring the world that  the “status quo” on the mount will be  maintained.
 He was summoned to Amman to make this assurance before John Kerry and to King Abdulah of Jordan who has a say about what goes on in the heart of Jerusalem. (Weren’t they the one who lost the iSix Day War??)

The other response is the placing of huge concrete blocks at the train stations to make it harder for cars to plow into the crowds.(..brought to you by the ones who introduced the security fences, tunnels, cameras etc…).  
And so we can expect even greater restrictions on Jewish visitors to the Mount.
Bottom line; Israel lost this round too. The result of the latest Jewish blood letting is that Jews are more restricted, humiliated and the Arabs empowered and ensured that their rage will continue to be appeased and feared.

Back to Abu Sinan. This  is another result or  rather a barometer of the general Muslim – Jewish conflict. This is the first time  that  the Muslims  are bold enough to  openly attack the armed, hated, envied, apostate Druze,
If the Jewish state, ally of the Druze, can not/will not  protect their own, that is  is one thing . When the Druze see that they are fair game to an old rival, they will have to consider joining the winners once again. This time it is not the Jews.