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Shalom Pollack

Happy Birthday little miracle!

Happy Birthday little miracle! It is Independence Day; our sixty ninth. Not bad for a tiny country smaller than Lake ...
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Always go with a winner

Tonight the normally quiet Galilee village of Abu Sinen is trying to keep the lid on a vicious town brawl ...
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Dirty shoes

As I stood for the two minute Holocaust memorial siren, my mind flooded with heavy thoughts. As the siren winded ...
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Jewish lives matter

Detained minor: "A policeman punched me." Sunday, September 11, 2016, 19:47 Honenu filed a urgent complaint with the Police Investigation Unit ...
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maya shonet

Manya Shochat – Jewish Wonder Woman

Manya Vilboshvitz Shochat (1879 – 1960) was more than a product of her times, she helped create them. Born in ...
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Acco then and now

Always  seeking to increase our knowledge of Israel's  tourist  sites we tour guides  take   refresher tours form time to time ...
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Gamla Israel

Gamla- The Masada of the North

Josephus  Flavius ( or Yosef ben  Matityahu –  his  Hebrew name), the  famous historian has made  us  familiar with the ...
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Gush Etzion

Gush Etzion then and now

Gush Etzion Honestly, it would be hard to choose the one place or area that can be win the title of ...
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My videos

I love Israel! I have so much to say even after over 20 years of guiding tours I never get ...
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Herodion – The mountain built around a tomb

Herodion – The mountain built around a tomb After a thirty five year(!) search Professor Ehud Netzer felt he was ...
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Mount Tabor– sentinel of the Valleys.

Mount Tabor– sentinel of the Valleys. It stands very high like a solitary faithful guardian where the beautiful Jezreal Valley ...
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